Kids Clubhouse

We serve families by helping the next generation create lasting relationships with God through His Word.

What To Expect

In Kids Clubhouse, our goal is to make sure every child is known. We want to connect children and families in lasting relationships with God through His Word and age-appropriate programing. We offer programs for children ages birth through fifth grade.


Children Birth – 36 months, Offered during our worship services.


Preschool Ministry - kids ages 2 to 3

Elementary Ministry - kids grades PreK - K, and 1st - 3rd

Preteen Ministry - Club 45, grades 4th - 5th


Is offered during our worship services for children who are age four through the third grade. It is a time of age appropriate worship designed to encourage students to engage in God’s Word.

Where do I go on my first time to FBC?

When you arrive on campus for your first visit, please stop by our check in area located through the double doors at the car port. We have cheerful greeters ready to meet your family and quickly get all the necessary information to get your child registered for Kids Clubhouse.

What’s the check-in process like?

When you arrive at FBC, you can sign in at any check-in computer located at the Nursery as you enter the double doors at the carport. Simply search by your last four numbers of your phone number and then click on your family. Select the name of your child, and make sure they are checked into the right areas. Your child will receive a name tag and you will receive a security ID number tag. Your child will not be released from his or her classroom until we receive the matching ID number tag back from you at pick up.

Is the environment safe?

Our volunteers must complete a volunteer training and pass a background check. For your child's safety, our volunteers never serve alone. Our rooms have open layouts so children are always in view, no matter where they are.