FBC COVID-19 Update (June 12, 2021)

Dear FBC Family,

As I begin, I want to take a moment to thank you for your cooperation and selflessness as we have navigated the pandemic. We have taken an intentionally cautious approach into order to protect our congregation and our community at large. We have followed the principles prescribed by scripture and have loved our neighbor as ourselves looking out for their needs and putting our rights to the side in order to calm concerns and meet needs. Know that as your pastor I am very proud and exceedingly grateful. Your efforts have manifested the light of Christ in both word and deed. Thank you!

Things continue to improve rapidly and with that improvement has come a series of changes in recommended COVID protocols from both the CDC and our local health department. I consulted with the Jackson County Health Department and various members of leadership here at FBC and we have developed the next step for our action plan.

From this point forward masks will be optional. We will no longer be requesting those in attendance to wear masks while entering and exiting and staff and volunteers will not be required to wear masks while serving. In keeping with the recommendations of the Jackson County Health Department, we are recommending that those who have not been vaccinated continue wearing masks. We will NOT be checking to see if people have or have not been vaccinated. Vaccinated or not, if you prefer to wear a mask at any point while on the campus of FBC, we welcome you to do so.

We will no longer be restricting the available seating in the sanctuary. As of this Sunday, the ropes will be removed and every pew will be available. That being said, we are still recommending that you maintain a measure of social distance while you are at the church. The local health department no longer has a restriction, but they are still recommending caution when you are around those outside of your immediate social circle.

While our situation has improved dramatically, some risk still exists. And, because of that risk there is still a level of concern in the hearts and minds of many. Some will continue moving towards a pre-pandemic normal, others will continue to wear masks, and others still will opt to watch from home. I ask that we continue to display the same level of grace that has defined our policy and practice from the outset. Let us continue to bear one another’s burdens with compassion as we love one another as Christ has loved us. May they continue to identify the Christians of FBC Seymour by our love.

Grace and Peace,

Rev. Dr. Jeremy S. Myers

Senior Pastor

FBC Seymour